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Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Claims

Many people face difficulty in handling their claims on their own following an injury; whether from a work related accident, slip and fall accident, or a car accident. But the laws relating to injury claims are complex. Many people don’t understand what damages they are entitled to, become frustrated, and settle their claims for way less than they are actually worth.

Working with an experienced Sarasota / Bradenton injury law attorney can make a big difference when insurance claims are denied, payments are delayed, or you feel pressured to settle. Complete the form today for your FREE case evaluation with a lawyer from our firm.

All Injuries, All the Time

14Securing Wage Loss Benefits

The lawyers at Legler Murphy & Battaglia, LLP, are ready to help all injured workers.

14Medical Negligence

We are adept at handling all types of medical negligence and malpractice cases.

14Denied Benefits Claims

If you were injured at work, you are entitled to receive benefits and compensation for your losses.

14Motor Vehicle Accidents

We have successfully handled thousands of complex auto accident cases for our clients.

14Obtaining Medical Benefits

If you are injured or recovering, let us come to your home, hospital or convenient location.

14Wrongful Death

Hire a local, trusted, and specialized wrongful death attorney to protect you and represent you.

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Since 1989, we have protected the the rights of the injured throughout the State of Florida.
If you were injured, you are entitled to be compensated for your losses and we can help make that happen.

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