Car accidents occur every second of the day in the United States. According to the Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 30,000 to 40,000 people die each year in the United States alone. This number does not account for the many thousands who become injured. Those who are injured in an accident may need an auto accident lawyer to help them pursue fair compensation for their measurable damages. 

When Should Car Accident Victims Hire an Attorney?

While a minor fender bender may not require legal intervention, it is important victims learn about their options for representation. Even if an injured victim does not plan to sue, they can benefit from meeting with an attorney. The following offers insight into when it becomes necessary to hire an attorney. 

Serious Injuries

If a victim suffers serious injuries because of a car accident, they are likely going to require extensive medical care and possible long-term treatments. It is best to get an attorney involved as soon as possible to ensure the victim receives the full medical care compensation they will need for the life of their injuries. 


If death occurs as a result of a car accident, family members should always seek help from an auto accident lawyer. Wrongful death cases are difficult to pursue and sometimes lead to lengthy court proceedings. A lawyer will represent the family every step of the way. 

Fault Issues

If it is becoming difficult to determine who is at fault for the accident, individuals need to consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. These lawyers become advocates for their injured clients. They will work with an investigative team to discover evidence that will help ensure fault is established properly. 

Construction Zones

Construction zone accidents are problematic in many ways and may require third-party lawsuits. A consultation meeting at a personal injury law office will allow victims to learn about their rights and the best options for legal recourse. Hefty fines are imposed for speeding and reckless driving in construction zones. 

Multiple Parties

A car accident that involves multiple parties can be complex to settle. Accident victims may need to pursue multiple drivers or may even be found partially at fault. Hiring Legler, Murphy and Battaglia will help injured victims pursue the proper at-fault drivers. 

Other Attorneys

If the other party in the accident has hired an attorney, it would be unwise for the victim to go without legal representation. Meeting with the at-fault party and their attorney without your own legal representative could lead to problems with getting a fair settlement outcome. 

Schedule a Consultation Appointment

Scheduling a consultation appointment is one of the first steps injured parties need to take after receiving medical care for a car accident. Many lawyers offer free consultation appointments for new clients. At this meeting, the injured party will learn more about the rights they hold and the possible options for pursuing fair settlements. 

Once the lawyer starts the process, they will begin investigating the accident and how it occurred. The attorney will use multiple professionals to help them obtain evidence in the case. 

Evidence Is Critical for Lawsuits

While many car accident cases are settled outside of court, some end up needing a lawsuit. If a person’s case goes to court, they are going to need a lawyer to represent them. Lawyers represent their clients throughout the legal proceedings and speak on the client’s behalf.

Before heading to court, the lawyers will exhaust every possible avenue to obtain evidence. When suing another driver for an accident, the burden of proof rests on the shoulders of the victims. 

The lawyer will gather police reports, eyewitness reports, medical records, driver records, and much more. A solid case foundation is critical for helping injured victims receive a fair outcome. 

Lawyers Can Help Injured Victims Get More Money

Although financial compensation will not take away the painful injuries, it will bring closure and provide for the financial needs of the injured victim. It has been discovered that injured victims who hire a lawyer often receive more compensation than those who do not. 

It is important to note that most personal injury attorneys offer contingency arrangements. This type of arrangement means the injured victim will not be forced to pay any attorney’s fees unless they obtain a winning outcome. Once the case is won, the lawyer takes the agreed-upon percentage of the settlement amount. 

At Legler, Murphy & Battaglia, we are personal injury lawyers that care about our clients. We represent injured clients in auto accident cases, workers’ compensation, medical negligence, and many more. We have helped hundreds of injured victims get the financial compensation they deserve.