If you are ever in a store, restaurant or any other public place and you slip or trip and injure yourself, take a few minutes to gather your thoughts and make certain you know what caused you to fall.

If you have access to your cellphone, immediately take a photograph of what caused you to fall, or at least photograph the area where you fell.  If there are individuals that may have witnessed the fall, obtain the names and telephone numbers.  Note the time of day the incident happened and report the incident to someone in charge and obtain that person’s name as well.

If your fall is reported to an employee, whatever you say will be taken down and put in an “Incident Report”.  Under law, you will not have access to this incident report, even if you take the establishment to court.  Therefore, be very careful what you say to any store manager or employee.

Our initial human instinct when we fall in a public place is to immediately get up and act as if nothing happened.  We are always embarrassed and feel that we fell because it was our fault.  However, you must take mental and written notes, if possible, of the surroundings and events that caused you to fall.  Store personnel will usually clean up whatever caused you to fall within minutes.

It is important that you immediately seek medical treatment to confirm your injuries.  Slip & fall cases are usually difficult, however, if appropriate action is taken at the time one is injured, it goes a long way in supporting a case for negligence.

It is very likely that what caused you to fall may have been due to the negligence of someone else and preserving the scene even in your own mind is extremely important for any type of future recovery.

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