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Hire Car Wrecks and Car Collison Attorney to Protect Yourself

Though you may want to represent yourself in your personal injury claim, keep in mind that insurance companies have a legal team trained to fight against you. They may minimize your injuries and try to give you the least amount of money as possible on your claim. This is why it’s crucial you hire an experienced car accident or personal injury attorney who is top-rated in Sarasota County, Bradenton and all Manatee County. At Legler, Murphy & Battaglia, LLP, we’re known for getting results for our clients.

Aside from fighting for our clients when they’re injured in a car accident and car crash, we also help educate on what to do before an accident happens.

Following the steps below can make the difference in thousands of dollars more in your accident claim, and can help ensure you recover quickly from your injuries.

Here Are 7 Crucial Steps to Take When You’re Involved in a Car Accident:

1. Be sure the accident scene is safe. Survey the area surrounding the accident and make sure fluids aren’t leaking from vehicles involved in the car wreck. If possible, get your vehicle as far off the road as you can, so you are not in danger of getting hit as a pedestrian.

2. Call your local sheriff’s department or dial 911 and file a police report. Depending on the seriousness of your injuries, you may want to get immediate help from law enforcement and an ambulance. If you’re taken by ambulance, and you had a passenger in your vehicle, ask them to step in for you and document your symptoms, injuries and anything they witnessed at the scene.

3. Gather information from others involved, including witnesses of the accident. Pay close attention to the at-fault driver and whether it appears alcohol was involved or reckless and negligent driving. Be sure to get correct spelling of the names of witnesses and contact information.

4. Don’t give too much information. Only give the facts. Many people don’t realize the extent of their injuries until after the adrenaline of the accident wears off. Sometimes innocent words can be used against the victim of the accident to shift blame.

5. Take pictures of the accident scene. We will use these as evidence for your claim and they are valuable in proving injuries and damage to your vehicle. This includes multiple pictures of your vehicle from different angles, the other vehicle, and the area surrounding the accident. If your injuries are visible, you may also want to get pictures of them.

6. Report the accident to your insurance company. Again, only give the facts you know. If you’re not sure, tell them you’re not sure. Sometimes insurance companies can twist your words so they don’t have to cover a claim. Before giving a statement to your insurance company, talk to the team at Legler, Murphy & Battaglia, LLP. We will help prepare you.

7. Get to the hospital or a medical facility as soon as possible and get treatment for your injuries. Keep track of all of your medical records, as this will be important in both proving and getting compensation for your injuries.

What to Do if the Other Party Denies Liability

Information, documented witness statements, records, and our experienced car accident lawyers at Legler, Murphy & Battaglia, LLP are your best tools for defense.

Don’t Battle Your Car Insurance Company Alone, Let Us Help You

At Legler Murphy & Battaglia, LLP, we have car insurance lawyers and car accident attorneys who can help you if you were hurt in a car wreck. We will show you your legal options, and defend you so you get fair compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering.

Call one of our Florida offices: Bradenton at 941-748-5599 or Sarasota at 941-366-3782. You can also contact us online.

If you are injured or recovering, we can come to your home, the hospital or another convenient location. We can also arrange transportation for you at no cost. There are no fees or charges until we win your case.