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Our Firm is proud to work on behalf of people and not insurance companies. In fact, not a single lawyer in our Firm has EVER defended an insurance company. We are passionate about helping people and our lawyers know the ins and outs of every specific client’s case. Our Firm has been in business for over 30 YEARS and we consider our current and past clients to be our biggest supporters.

Over the years, we have obtained MILLIONS of dollars for our client. Below is just a sampling of recoveries we have obtained for our clients. All of our fees and costs are covered by the recovery of our clients, which means if we don’t win, you don’t have to pay us anything.

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$5 million – Motor Vehicle Accident

Our 20 year old male client, along with three of his friends, was involved in a motor vehicle accident in which a drunk driver failed to yield the right of way to our client’s vehicle, causing a significant collision in which three people died, including our client, and another was permanently injured. During an arbitration proceeding in which the arbitrators reviewed extensive information concerning the case, the arbitration panel unanimously awarded our client’s surviving parents $5 million.

$2.5 million – Personal Injury

Our client was driving a small pickup truck following behind a large flatbed truck that carried an extremely heavy and large spool of cable wire. The spool was not properly secured on the flatbed truck and fell off truck causing our client’s vehicle to collide into the spool of cable, killing him. Our client was a 48-year-old family man. He was survived by his wife and two adult children. Our firm spent a great deal of time researching this incident and discovered that the exact same issue involving a spool of cable wire falling off a truck had happened six months prior to our client’s accident.

$1 Million - Premises Liability
Our client was unexpectedly killed when he visited a property and a large tree limb fell directly on top of him. Normally this type of “act of nature” is considered to be totally unexpected and therefore, outside of an individual’s control; however, through investigation and diligence our Firm discovered that the property owner KNEW that the tree which killed our client had several dead limbs which needed to be trimmed but had failed to take proper measures prior to our client’s untimely death. As a result, our Firm was able to obtain payment of the policy limits for our client’s family.
$400,000 – Workers’ Compensation AND $100,000 Third Party Claim
Our client worked for a local company for many years and was unfortunately involved in a very bad accident where one of his legs became permanently injured. Prior to coming to our Firm, he had been represented by a “bigger” Firm for several months and was told that they best settlement they would be able to achieve was $50,000. After a year and a half of hard work, our Firm was able to get this injured worker the settlement he deserved. On top of that, our Firm was also able to obtain and ADDITIONAL $100,000 for our client under another theory of recovery and against a different Defendant. One of the benefits of using our Firm is that, since we handle all injuries, we are able to think creatively about additional sources of recovery which may be available.
$450,000 – Slip & Fall

Description of case: Our female client was a resident of a nursing home. She fell from her bed due to the fact there were no handrails or bed alarm on her bed. Her fall caused her to be wheelchair bound for several months. Our client was in her 90s, but still received a substantial recovery.

$2.3 million – Sauna Case

Our male client was visiting with his family in a condominium they had rented in Florida. The basement of one of the condos had a sauna. Our client went into the sauna, but because the sauna had been negligently constructed, our client could not exit the sauna and the sauna could not be turned off. The intercom that was within the sauna did not work. Unfortunately, our client could not break out of the sauna and died due to heat exhaustion. Our client was survived by a wife and two children.

$1.8 million - In Vitro Case

Our female client was unable to have children naturally and secured the services of an in vitro medical specialist. The specialist indicated that three embryos would be utilized in order to assist in a pregnancy. Four children were born following the in vitro process. One of the children was born with significantly cognitive and physical issues that would require extensive future care. After extensive research and expert testimony, it was discovered that the specialist had negligently inserted four embryos, when only three were called for based upon safety and overcrowding.

$500,000 – Motorcycle Accident
Our client was a motorcyclist who was driving Southbound in Venice, Florida on US 41. At that time, an elderly gentleman unexpectedly cut into US 41 from an adjacent parking lot, hitting the side of our client’s motorcycle, throwing him to the ground. Unfortunately, our client was not wearing a safety helmet, and sustained a minor traumatic brain injury as a result. Despite the fact that our client was not wearing his safety helmet at the time of the collision, we were still able to obtain the policy limits of available coverage from the elderly gentleman’s insurance company.
$900,000 – Premises Liability
Our client slipped and fell in a service area at a large retail outlet injuring her left knee. An investigation revealed that a nearby refrigerated cooler had not been properly maintained and that standing water from the cooler caused her fall. The client had an extensive history of diabetes, and as a result, she eventually lost her left leg by amputation. Our Firm fought hard to obtain compensation for our client; after extensive litigation, and before the onset of trial, the case was settled for $900,000.
$1 million – Dog Attack

Our minor client was only 8 years old when he was viciously attacked by a dog on his grandfather’s employer’s premises. The dog was there as security, but broke free due to negligence and attacked the young boy causing serious facial injuries. Our client has recovered and is leading a normal life.

$800,000 – Premises Liability
While performing drywall work, our client sustained a severe electrical shock that caused heart damage. Our Firm successfully proved that the electrical company failed to follow the National Electrical Code procedures by not turning off the power to the house during construction.
$1 Million – Medical Malpractice

Our Firm was able to secure a substantial award for a minor child who suffered severe injuries at birth due to the negligence of health care providers. Our Firm was able to obtain the compensation necessary for the child’s family to provide the child with lifetime care and treatment made necessary due to the negligence of the involved health care providers.

$590,000 - Motor Vehicle Accident

Our two clients were struck from the rear by another vehicle, who was cited for careless driving. Our clients received a total settlement of $590,000, based upon their collective injuries.

$250,000 – Dog Bite
Our 17 year-old client was on a walk near her house when a neighbor’s dog ran out and bit her. Although the dog had been immunized for rabies, the teenager was left with a very large disfigurement. Legler Murphy & Battaglia, LLP, was successful in securing a $250,000 settlement for their client.


$1 million – Motor Vehicle Accident

During the course and scope of his employment, our male client was operating a security vehicle, when he was run off the road by a phantom vehicle. Our client sustained extremely serious and life threatening injuries but recovered to a certain extent. After negotiations and further investigation, the insurance carrier submitted the full policy limits to our client in order to resolve the case prior to litigation.

$1 million - Medical Malpractice

Our female client arrived at the hospital seeking attention, as she was pregnant and experiencing pain. As a result of improper medication, our client prematurely gave birth to a child who was severely impaired. Despite the fact that the underlying insurance carrier went bankrupt, we were able to obtain a significant settlement from the insurance fund in Florida, which is extremely difficult to do based upon the lack of funds and rigid requirements.

Seven Figure Plus Settlement – Products Liability
Following a fall at home, our client, an 82 year-old man, underwent surgery in which an “orthopedic nail” was implanted in his leg. Several months later, the man felt severe pain and was unable to walk. It was discovered the nail had broken and a second surgery had to be performed to remove the faulty nail. Because of the complications with the nail, the client also suffered an infection. Our Firm filed suit against the manufacturer of the “orthopedic nail” and, after involving numerous experts and engaging in a long battle the case settled for a significant confidential amount.
$600,000 – Workers’ Compensation
Our Firm succeeded in negotiating one of the highest workers’ compensation settlements of the year in 2006 when a settlement of $600,000 was obtained for a client that suffered injuries as a result of an industrial accident.
$750,000 - Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by a fellow employee. The driver of the vehicle was illegal and at first the insurance carrier denied coverage. After a long negotiation and court battle, we were able to recover a significant amount of money on behalf of our client.

$800,000 - Medical Negligence

Recovery amount: Our female client was given the incorrect dosage of medication, which caused her skin to burn from the inside out. Fortunately, she recovered from this incident and is now leading a normal life. However, she was hospitalized for over a month, and had certain internal problems. She has overcome these issues and is progressing nicely.