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What is Premises Liability?

When you’re hurt on someone’s property because it was unsafe and proper precautions weren’t taken, it’s considered premises liability. A lawsuit holds the other party responsible and compensates you for medical damages, pain, and suffering. You may even have a wrongful death claim relating to a slip and fall/trip and fall accident, or another premises liability accident that ended tragically in death.

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How Do I Know if I Have a Premises Liability Case?

If you were recently injured on someone’s property because of unsafe conditions, and you have evidence to prove the property owner did not take the necessary precautions–you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Premises Liability Lawsuits Often Involve:

  • A slip and fall/trip and fall accident caused by a negligent property owner failing to provide a safe environment
  • Negligent security causing an injury or sexual assault
  • A dog bite or attack
  • Poor lighting, fire hazards and unstable buildings that cause injury or death
  • Public pool hazards that cause accidents
  • A lack of maintenance on a property, leading to dangerous conditions
  • Amusement park ride injuries

How Do You Define Negligence?

A property owner is responsible for providing a duty of care to visitors of the property. When that is violated, and someone is injured–it may be a case of the property owner’s negligence.

Not all injuries that take place on someone else’s property are grounds for a premises liability lawsuit, and it can be difficult to prove a property owner’s negligence. That’s why you need a qualified premises liability attorney to review the evidence and information you have and help you determine if you have a strong case for a premises liability lawsuit.

Evidence We Will Need to Help You:

  • Records of your injury–medical reports, x-rays, and paperwork detailing your diagnosis
  • Witness statements of the accident
  • Any proof you have that the property owner was negligent
  • Photos of the accident and of the hazards that caused the accident

Whatever your situation, you or your loved one should have been protected from harm, and the property owner had a responsibility to provide a safe environment for you.

Were You Recently Hurt on Someone Else’s Property?

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