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Were You attacked or Injured by Someone in a Public Place?

Whether you were a victim of battery or assault, or a criminal act, the negligent property owners should be held liable, and you should receive compensation.

Negligent security falls under premises liability because it involves the duty of a property owner to keep a public place safe for others to visit. When that doesn’t happen, victims can hold the popery owner liable for failure to provide a reasonable degree of security.

At Legler, Murphy & Battaglia, LLP, we will help determine who is at fault and what steps need to be taken next so you can get back to your life again and heal.

In a place of business, proper precautions need to be taken to prevent dangerous conditions, and businesses are responsible to provide a safe environment. Each cause of negligent security can also be situationally dependent. If a business is in an area where a lot of shootings occur, more precautions should be taken in comparison to an area where shootings are rare. Either way, security measures in public places should always be in place to protect patrons.

Who is Liable in a Negligent Security Lawsuit?

The person who committed the criminal act isn’t being sued, but the place of business that failed to provide proper security is.

What Are the Differences Between Negligent Security and Inadequate Security?

Inadequate security and inadequate duty of care are also terms that fall under premises liability.

With negligent security, a business has provided security, but did not do it properly.

Inadequate security or inadequate duty of care is when security wasn’t provided at all.

Examples of Negligent Security:

  • Poor lighting in a public place, such as a parking garage or apartment building
  • Faulty or improperly maintained security systems and video monitoring
  • Lack of signage
  • Lack of emergency exits or improperly lit emergency exit signs
  • Not enough security guards to secure the area or improperly trained security guards

Tragic Results That Can Be Caused by Negligent Security:

  • Rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse
  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Shootings
  • Murder
  • Criminal acts that cause harm

What is Wrongful Death Due to Negligent Security?

When a family member or loved one dies as a result of a property owner not having proper security measures in place, you may be entitled to pursue a wrongful death claim.
At Legler, Murphy & Battaglia, LLP our negligent security personal injury team will investigate the evidence and records you’ve provided us. We know that a wrongful death case is traumatic and heartbreaking, especially if it’s due to violent crime that could have been prevented. We will do everything we can to fight for justice for you.

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